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To Topup/ Recharge Tiktok Coins in Nepal at a cheap price, Make sure :
  • Two Factor Authentication is OFF.
  • Provide your correct Tik Tok login details.
  • You will receive your Coins within 2 hrs.
  • If you are doing a top-up with a Google/Phone Number, Please sent a message to us on our Facebook page.
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Are you looking for Tiktok coin recharge in Nepal? If yes, then you have to visit for Tiktok coin Topup in Nepal. Merogiftcard is selling Tiktok coins at an affordable price.

About TikTok Coin in Nepal

Tiktok Coins are in-app currencies that are bought with real money. You can use the TikTok coins in Nepal to tip content creators during live streams in the form of emojis.

Uses of TikTok Coin

You use TikTok coins to tip content creators. You purchase an emoji during a content creator’s live stream and the coins are converted into an equal amount of diamonds in the streamer’s wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions About TikTok Coin in Nepal

Here we included the most asked questions about TikTok coins Recharge in Nepal.

Where can I buy/Recharge TikTok coins in Nepal?

Merogiftcard is the best & trusted site for buying TikTok Coins in Nepal.

What information is required to Top-Up Tiktok Coin?

Just need your login method information like your email or phone number and Password.

How Can I Buy TikTok Coin in Nepal?

Just follow the below steps to top-up your TikTok account with TikTok coins. Here is an easy method to buy TikTok coins in Nepal.

  1. Go to Merogiftcard > Tiktok Coin Top-up
  2. Select required Coins.
  3. Click on Add to Cart then Check out.
  4. Fill in the required information on the Check-out Page.
  5. And Select a Payment method ( Esewa, Khalti, Bank Transfer)
  6. Click on Place Order.
  7. Now your order is placed.
  8. Make a payment.
  9. We will verify your payments
  10. After Payment is Successfully verified we will release your TikTok coin into your Tiktok account.

When I will receive my Coins in My Tiktok Account?

After your Successful Payment, you will get your Tiktok coin within 2hrs in to your TikTok account.

What are the Payment methods to purchase TikTok Coins in Nepal?

Esewa, khalti, IME Pay, and Bank Transfer are the easy payment methods to purchase TikTok Coins in Nepal.

How can I do Payment through e-Sewa?

In order to send money to using the e-Sewa follow these simple steps.

  1. Open the eSewa app and log in (Download the app if you haven’t already or go to ).
  2. Tap on “Send Money”.
  3. Enter the recipient’s mobile number [ Check your email for our e-Sewa Payment Details.]
  4. Enter the amount you want to send.
  5. Choose purpose (Bill Sharing, Family expense, Lend/ borrow, Personal Use)
  6. Write Remarks [ Enter your Order Id i.e. #23417..  and tap on “Proceed”
  7. Check the details and tap on “Confirm”.
  8. Complete the transaction using your MPIN, Fingerprint, or Password.

How can I do Payment through Khalti?

First, download a khalti app or go to You can simply follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Send/Request option on the main dashboard
  2.  Go to Send menu.
  3. Enter the mobile number [Check your Email for our Khalti payment Details]
  4. Enter the amount, purpose, and Important: Use Order Number as Remarks (i.e.234…)
  5. Tap on the Send button.
  6. Your funds will be sent instantly.
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